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This is a Zanzibar food guide for keen enthusiasts who have adventurous palates and an appreciation for food and culture. Zanzibar is well known for being a spice island dating back to the 16th Century, and due to the diverse influences from countries such as Oman, Iran, and Britain, it adopted a mixture of different culinary traditions which cemented the Swahili heritage. Understanding the culture is more than just visiting tourist attractions, it is having a marinated conversation with the food.

Visit the street market in Stone Town

From The Old Fort's Evolution to Forodhani Gardens' Vibrant Street Food Market

In the heart of Stone Town, each site tells its own story. The Old Fort is one fascinating historical attraction that was originally built for defense purposes. It later was turned into a prison for slaves and even a tennis club at some stage. Today, it is used to host large festivals such as the Zanzibar International Film Festival and is a tourist attraction. Although the Island is Muslim-dominant, it has a beautiful Anglican Church which holds many memories of missionaries who poured work into it such as David Livingstone. Another interesting part of Stone Town is The Forodhani Gardens with lush green grass, along the seafront which cannot be missed. It was built in the 1930s to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Sultan Khalifa. Today it is the hub of the street food market which is worth the experience. Should one arrive just before sunset, one will be marveled at the sunset and ecstatic children jumping off the edge of a cliff into the blue waters.

Stone Town tour

A Stone Town tour is highly recommended during a visit to Zanzibar, which will allow you to learn the history as well as visit the different places. Although Stone Town is an hour’s drive from Xanadu Villas & Retreat, we can guarantee it is worth it. It can be a full-day excursion coupled with Spice Tour and a Prison Island Tour. A maze of narrow pathways, vibrant rusty rooftops, old buildings with a touch of Arabic architecture, wooden carved doors, brass lanterns, coconut trees & hibiscus shrubs, blue waters, and magical sunsets is the tip of the experience for a day in Stone Town. There are many great dining spots to eat from during a full-day excursion such as Emerson Spice, an intimate boutique that offers an immersion cultural experience, 6 Degrees South, and end of the day with sundowners at the rooftop at Upendo Beach House.

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