Private Villas on Zanzibar

A private villa with a view, plunge pool, butler service, sipping piña colada on the beach is what you need; whether on a honeymoon, for your anniversary, or just a getaway treat, Xanadu Villas is the place for you.
Located exclusively in Michamvi, Xanadu Villas & Retreat has nine villas uniquely designed with the pure intention of luxury.

Private Villa Nyota

Private Villa Mbingu

Private Villa Mlima

Private Villa Korongo

Private Villa Mawingu

Private Villa Mawimbi

Private Villa Alfajiri

Private Villa Kimwondo

Private Villa Umande

Escape to Paradise: Luxurious Villas Named After Mother Nature's Wonders

Each villa tells its own story, named after the beauty of Mother Nature, and accommodates both couples and families. Mawingu Clouds, an ocean view villa is popular with honeymooners, who find comfort in daydreaming of their future ahead. Kimwondo Shooting Star, is the villa where you dine in midsummer nights and make wishes under the stars. One can never miss the staircase to Heaven, a majestic two-tier masterpiece perfect for a host of angels, villa Mbingu. Each villa emanates its own story, whether it is ocean view or garden view, every stay is worth it.

Find Your Rhythm at Xanadu's Exquisite Villas in Zanzibar

Our villas are the epitome of opulence, offering stunning views of the Indian Ocean and all the amenities you could possibly desire. But it's not just the villas that make Xanadu the best choice for your vacation - it's the exceptional all-inclusive cuisine prepared by our team of international and local chefs, the personalized service of your private butler, and the endless array of excursions and activities at your fingertips.

At Xanadu, we understand that true relaxation comes from finding your own rhythm in time with the waves. That's why we offer a range of options to help you settle into the pace of Zanzibar and breathe easy. From personalized excursions to immersive cultural experiences, our helpful staff is always on hand to make your vacation one to remember.

The luxurious villas of Xanadu
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