Get close to the wild nature of Zanzibar

Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani Forest is the only national park in Zanzibar and is home to the indigenous Red Colobus Monkey as well as a protective mangrove ecosystem. The forest is nature‘s pharmacy and a guided tour will teach guests about natural remedies and the importance of the mangrove swamp.


Apart from the Red Colobus Monkey, visitors may see bushbaby, 50 different species of butterfly and 40 species of bird. The main trail takes about an hour. The nearby Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is a community initiative worth a visit.

Guided Tour (approx. 2 hours) incl. transfers

Discover the Depths of the Kuza Caves

Explore the Caves

What better way to spend your afternoon than relaxing in a unique natural swimming pool at Maalum. Special is the meaning behind this beautiful underground cave hidden away in the roots of Paje and a 15-min drive away from our property. In 90 mins, one can get a perfect tan, have a cocktail or two, and explore the beautiful cave in snorkels. If learning the history of Swahili is your take, then Kuza Caves is the spot for you.

A sacred cave found in the heart of Kibigija Village, carved in limestone and clear fresh water. It gives an opportunity to learn the history of humans originating in East Africa, as well as engage in the traditions of the Swahili culture, such as dancing & cooking. Kuza Caves is 20 min away from our property & worth a dip in the turquoise waters after a lovely history lecture.

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